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Skin Stitch is a glue used to close wounds in the skin, as an alternative to sutures, staples or clips.
Glued closure produces less scarring and is less prone to infection than sutured or stapled closure. There is also no residual closure to remove, so follow-up visits for removal are not required.

Skin Stitch is excellent for wound closure: 

  1. Fast and easy application (save time)

  2. Cost saving (no needle / local anesthesia)

  3. Painless (no stinging sensation)

  4. Cosmetically superior (less scarring)

  5. Less traumatic for patients

  6. Bacteriostatic  & Water resistant

Skin Stitch is topical skin adhesive which is the most affordable choice for wound closure.  Skin Stitch is an n-butyl cyanoacrylate adhesive contained in a high-density polyethylene applicator. It is terminally sterilized and stable for two years when stored below 8°C.

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